About us

The Northern Districts Sportfishing Club is a family friendly sportfishing club , founded in 1991. We are affiliated with the Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA). The club attends a fishing venue once a month , venues vary from river fishing to offshore bluewater fishing.

During each fishing venue we hold a social and a competitive line class fishing competition. The competitive or ANSA competition is fished according to ANSA rules, as well as our own club rules. The social competition is very simple and members are encouraged to weigh in. There are trophies to be won throughout the fishing year for both social and competitive(ANSA) anglers.

As everyones fishing goals and capabilities are different there is no pressure on anyone to fish in any particular way. The club has very experienced line class anglers who mainly fish for points and we have social anglers whos main aim is to catch food for the table. Anglers also choose to fish for other goals such as personal best catches and ANSA certificate of achivement awards, some participate in tagging programs which are avaliable through the club.

Being a sportfishing club our emphasis is on the quality of your catch rather than the quantity.

Whatever your goal you can achieve it in a fun family friendly atmosphere at Northern Districts Sportfishing Club.