Annual fishing awards

NDSFC Awards 2019-20

Social Sub Junior best Scalefish. – 86 cm Southern Bluefin Tuna. December 2019. Alia Collins.

Social Junior Best Scalefish. – 95 cm Southern Bluefin Tuna. December 2019. Mikayla Collins.

Social Sub Junior Club Champion. – 299.68 pts. Alia Collins.

Social Junior Club Champion. – 626.00 pts. Joshua Goldsmith.

ANSA Junior Club Champion. – 542.60 pts. Tyler Whitmore. (Perpetual)

Junior Participation Awards.

Rebecca Green,

Dakota Colls.

Riley Quin,

Eddie Green,

Malachi Cranefield,

Aaron Goldsmith,

Social Ladies Highest Point Scoring Scalefish. – 98.00 pts. 48 cm. Sweep. Marion Bay, 5/3/2020. Kirstie Goldsmith.

Social Mens Highest Point Scoring Scalefish. – 230.00 pts. 115 cm. Samsonfish. Marion Bay, 21/3/2020. Angelo Incorvaia.

Social Ladies Club Champion. – 294.40 pts. Kirstie Goldsmith.

Social Mens Club Champion. – 822.92 pts. Darren Fulgrabe.

ANSA Heaviest Scalefish. – 9.37 kg. Southern Bluefin Tuna. Sceale Bay, 8/1/2020. June Oldenbeuving.

ANSA Highest Point Scoring Scalefish. – 351.38 pt. Southern Bluefin Tuna weighing 9.37 kg. captured on 4 kg. line.

8/01/2020. June Oldenbeuving.

ANSA Ladies Club Champion. – 728.74 pts. June Oldenbeuving. (Perpetual)

ANSA Mens Club Champion. – 1300.28 pts. Martin Jones. (Perpetual)

ANSA Fisherman of the Year. – 804.53 pts. Martin Jones. (Perpetual)

John Verdnik Memorial Trophy. – ANSA Highest Point Scoring Salmon. 123.30 pts. 8/1/2020. 4.11 kg on 4 kg line,

June Oldenbeuving. (Perpetual)

Dennis Sletten Memorial Trophy. – Longest King George Whiting. 54 cm. Marion Bay. Mario Romano. (Perpetual)

Highest Point Scoring Shark. 301.50 pt. Bronze Whaler. Marion Bay. Peter Buss.

Champion Boat. – 276.78 pts. Dominator.

Most Meritorious Capture Award. – 2.03 kg. Drummer on 1 kg. line. Tyler Whitmore

Novelty Rod Competition Winner – 54 cm European Carp and upgrade to 69 cm European Carp. Malachi Cranefield.

NAFA Award. – For the biggest dummy spit at Marion Bay. Alex Gemma.

NACA Award. – For launching with not enough 2 stroke oil in his outboard engine. Mario Romano.